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At the 3rd GWA Conference in Korea, we launched the idea to start building a completely free worldwide wordnet grid. This grid will be build around a shared set of concepts, such as the Common Base Concepts used in many wordnet projects. These concepts will be expressed in terms of Wordnet synsets and SUMO terms. We invite people from all language communities to upload synsets from their language to the Grid. Gradually, the Grid will then be represented by all languages.

Francis Bond has taken this idea and created the MultiLingual WordNet, which is a full implementation of the Grid.

The Grid will be free and language contributions must therefore be provided under one of the following licenses to be included:

We begin earlier work on the Grid around the set of 4689 Common Base Concepts. The English synsets for the Grid take the following form:

<SYNSET><ID>ENG20-00001740-n</ID><POS>n</POS><SYNONYM><LITERAL>entity<SENSE>1</SENSE></LITERAL></SYNONYM> <DEF>that which is perceived or known or inferred to have its own distinct existence (living or nonliving)</DEF> </SYNSET>

The DTD for the XML structure: DTD"

To make your own contribution, keep the synset ID and just replace the SYNONYM fields. To submit your contribution to the Grid, please send the synsets of your language to:

We will place your language in the Grid as soon as possible!

We would also like to invite people to supply a nice web-based interface to the Grid.

The Grid

Number of languages in the Grid: 1.

Language Synsets Date Mapping License
English 4689 2006-Feb-2 WN2.0 Princeton WordNet license
Spanish 15556 2006-Feb-5 WN1.6 GNU Lesser General Public License
Catalan 12942 2006-Feb-5 WN1.6 GNU Lesser General Public License
Japanese 57,238 2011-Mar-2 WN3.0 Princeton WordNet-style license

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